Chapter : 1

Multiple Wayouts / Website Analysis

In a descriptive manner SEO (search engine optimization) could be understood as a specific internet marketing scheme, which works to deliberate the functioning process of search engines. To make it more viable in understanding the term could be broken into three separate entities. The word “Search” in this context relates to the people’s act of finding a solution. “Engine” simply means the working machine that is behind every search engine that makes all the decision and this machine follows an algorithm which subsequently has a pattern to it. The last word and the most integral part of the whole term is “optimization” is an incessant process. It majorly impacts and affects the visibility or view-ability of a webpage or a website which being million in numbers are sought to me found by search engines.


The search engines have come to become so widely used objects on the internet that about 91% of peopleusing the internet depend on search engines for what they want. Now there are lots of fine search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., but out of which about 83% of people prefer Google. To envisage SEO it’s essential to know about our potential customers and the often used key-words by them during the searching action they perform on search engines. So, when you search something on Google which is the most widely used search engine one gets an arranged series of webpages as its result. So in the left side of the page in a downward movement contains the section of the actual desired content or the list of websites which are most speculated to hold what is been looked for.


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