Chapter : 3

Responsive Design


If you prefer a device agnostic approach you are likely in the path to pursue responsive web design. This enables you to implement a mobile strategy without forking your site or starting from scratch. You will ultimately get one website that adapts any screen-size and the advantages with this strategy are that you will get one version of your website that adapt for all devices. Responsive web design is naturally SEO friendly and aligned with best content management best practices.

Responsive web design also coexists with other mobile strategies on the other hand responsive web design can be challenging to set up, maintain and test. It delivers no device specific capabilities and can be difficult to apply to a large number of existing web sites. If you are possibly attracted towards device specific solutions developing a mobile app could be the right solution for you. These help customers to execute focus task using hardware specific capabilities. Mobile apps also provide a direct avenue for task visitors want quick access to each time they connect. This strategy also has its pros and cons, the pros are that mobile apps deliver a very specialised and optimised task focused experience. It also has device specific capabilities such as geolocation and notifications.


Mobile apps are constant reminder of your brand. On the other side mobile apps sit outside CMS and are difficult to create and must be created for multiple platforms. It must also be pre-packaged for multiple app stores. Another device specific approach is to use a dedicated mobile website, these allow you to create task-focused mobile experiences without requiring a mobile app, this yields a separate mobile website focused on a single device type. Many organisations use mobile website and their advantages are that they deliver a specialised website for one device, they are straightforward to create and traditionally are considered to have less markup code for an improved loading time. The disadvantages are that mobile websites are not aligned with SEO best practices, they result sin duplicated content between website and device version and don’t address the spectrum of devices that used today. Once you are on your mobile development path you will need a web content management platform equipped to handle your mobile plan.


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