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Any partnership foundation builds on mutual trust and it can never be one-sided effort

we have some expertise you have some expertise, Lets join hands together and grow vertically keeping interest secure

Extra Income sounds cool. Its an opportunity for those who wish to make some extra money.
Who should join our Reseller Program?

  Website Designers and Developers who want to be a part of Digital Marketing Industry.

  PR Agencies willing to build the market image and good-will of their clients

  Companies and working professionals to stay ahead among competitors by giving value added services

  Colleges, Universitites and educational institutes to make their students industry ready

  SEO and Digital Marketing Companies who wish to improve their customers site rankings in search results

  Media Houses publish the Mobile Apps to get name, fame and extra source of income

  Freelancers who have the network and wish to have a confirmed source of income

  SME (small medium enterprises), companies and Govt. organizations to update their professionals skill set

Affiliate Program

Count the Benefits

Submitors Reseller Program is a unique concept to explore the potential. Everybody has its limit of resources. If we start joining hands together, we can save the time, save the resources and earn the money. We at Submitors gives you an opportunity to add our service in your portfolio. More products in your portfolio means you have more offerings to sell. It increases your audience and related traffic of enquiries leading to higher revenues. These Submitors services add value to your existing or new customers and stay you ahead among competitors.

How is it work? We provide you an Reseller URL like http://Submitors.com/YourResellerID along with a Banner. You can place this URL and Banner on your social media page like face book, twitter, You Tube, Blog and your other web pages. If somebody clicks on your reseller URL or banner, the page redirects to your Shopping Cart. If a sale occurred on your shopping cart page, you will get paid. To know how much you will get paid Sign up now

Recurring Income

There are very few Reseller Programs on Internet who provides you a regular recurring income. This Reseller program is very much popular because of giving you a regular income. The basic rule is, till the time customer coming from your shopping cart stayed with us (meant pay us regularly), we pay you regularly. The moment, customer stop paying us, we stop paying you. We share the invoicing for mutual trust & transparency.

Recurring income

Eligibility Check

Eligibility Check

A question arise, who can join this reseller program and what is the minimum eligibility to join this program. Answer is very simple; any body who knows how Internet works can join this affiliate program. This Reseller program is best suited for college goers, recently pass outs freshers, jobseekers, working professionals, freelancers, part-timers and especially for those who wish to work online.

Submitors charge a very little joining fee $ 60 to filter out the sincere applicants among junk traffic.This minimum eligibility check ensures your interest towards our product ‘Submitors’. There is no geographical boundation. You can join this Reseller Program, living in any continent of the world.

Guaranteed Affiliate Income

You earn 25% of Reseller's fee (25% of $ 60 that is Rs. $ 15 ) as an affiliate income whenever you refer someone to become the reseller. We are very much concerned about affiliates’ revenue generation. If you are well connected on your social networks and have some good visits on your web pages & blogs, you can earn a good amount of money with this Affiliate Program.

How is it work? We provide you an Affiliate/sponsor ID when you sign up as a reseller. You can publish this Affiliae ID on your social media page like face book, twitter, You Tube, Blog and your other web pages. If somebody becomes the reseller using your affiliate/sponsor Id, you will get paid.


Partner Program for Educational Institutes / Corporates / Govt. Organizations

Submitors.com vision is "Knowledge Spreads via Sharing" . We are venturing with industry's top educational institutes and corporate for the same. we would like to have an association with your premier organization to conduct the Workshops. Partnering with our Digital Marketing Workshop Programs make your students & professionals Industry Ready. Some of the benefits of this workshop:

  Self - Paced Learning - Anywhere - Anytime Learning
  Short Term - Ranging from Modular to Certificate Program
  Skill Development Program - thereby improved performance in Placement Drives.
  No technical background or any specific education stream is required to attend the workshop
  Most Economical Learning at a Fraction of traditional Program Cost with live practical sessions.