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It is evident that this new generation of technology loving audience is in great attachment with its mobile device, so the question that rises here is that are you as a business developer reaching them through their most precious device?. The answer is you can with QR code. Now let’s learn its specific features and probably how it functions. You must have seen at the grocery store how the cashier scans an item to get its price. This technique works because each product has a code that’s a shortcut to its pricing information. This mechanism prevents the cashier to look up each item individually. Well these days there is an arrival of new kinds of codes that are scannable with camera smartphones and similarly like the cashier scanner they create shortcuts to considerably all kinds of information. In our online world everything is linked together, if you visit a website, download a video, click a link to visit another site, send a message or view a photo a simple click makes everything possible.

On the other hand our physical world is what you see around you but the problem is nothing is clickable here. You can’t a url on a container to see recipes or to click a painting to read about it on Wikipedia. So what we end up doing is typing a link or taking notes but all this have become conventional methods certainly. The change is brought up by QR codes and now your camera phone can function a little like the cashiers scanning machine. Once you have QR code reader app on your mobile device you can point your camera phone on these codes and immediately grab new information. Let’s say you are walking down the street and your eyes fell on a poster telling about a new play coming soon and has a QR code attached with it. You can just open your QR reader app point your camera phone at the code and after scanning it the app will automatically give you options. No more writing notes or typing long tiring links just point your phone at the QR code and the real world becomes clickable. But that’s just the beginning imagine you are visiting a monument and you use a QR code to read or watch informative video about it. QR codes are essential because for the first time they made the real world scannable.

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