Chapter : 2

Mobile Apps Strategy

Before we start removing different layers of meaning to comprehendnative app concept it is equally important to know about app emergence, working, prevalence and its on-going vogue. With a huge growth rate of people turning to spend more time on their digital devices than any other mediums we can scrutinize at the massive impact of the perpetual popularity of mobile platform on the account of creating highly interactive environment. Native app is installed as a device specific application program and which is designed to run on a specific device or platform. Therefore you will find native app in an app store, whether it is the android market place, iTunes app store or the blackberry app world. Every native app is engineered as device specific and its respective data gets stored in the device subsequently otherwise its data can be collected (stored) remotely at the same time native app is able to process it. Native app resides on the device in form of icons on the mobile home screen and can be operated through it.It is designed in accordance with the SDK (software development kit or “devkit”) of the platform and operating system of the maker, withal for the purpose of imparting flawless mobile experience. Some of the relatively celebrated properties of native app revolve around its being platform specific and that it run locally on the device. It is thus capable of utilizing all the features of a smartphone. They can take full advantages of camera, contact-list, GPS, notification system, compass, accelerometer and so many others.


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