Chapter : 4

HTML 5 Compatibility

Before beginning to dig into the core of this concept lets understand the basic phases of knowledge needed to reach the concept itself. HTML is a markup language to make web-pages and HTML 5 is fifth version of that language. The older HTML versions like HTML 4.01 and X HTML version 1.0 has been used for many years but HTML5 seeks to be an improvement over these older versions. Like in order to support multimedia HTML5 have new elements for audio and video. HTML5 document starts with the doctype and while using HTML5 it looks like this : < DOTYPE html> it is the preamble for HTML5 document.HTML5 is basically a web scripting language which is built on HTML 4 with a bit of JavaScript API. It is really a big deal has become be-all and end-all certainly. It is the latest biggest revision of the HTML standard, which definitely dictates how online websites are programmed and displayed. It does make web-pages more aesthetically beautiful, interactive and helps or allows in maintaining a consistency in the way webpages are displayed on all modern browsers and devices i.e. Computers, smartphones, tablets. You can now add videos to your website without the need for special plugins.HTML uses a standard code to create online content and HTML 5 is the latest version of the HTML programming language. HTML is considered a standard language by website developers for many years now. HTML 5 brings new meaningful drastic changes to this standard and opens new amazing possibilities which previously were only attainable with either JavaScript or Flash. In order to prove the worth of HTML 5 with facts the statement made by Steve Jobs is of course well-suited for the purpose he said while addressing the apple users in an open letter that “the future of the web is in HTML5 and the future is now”.

A fast growing number of websites, applications and videos today are created with HTML5.HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup language, but it is behind the scenes coding language that makes us able to see the content online. Since the original HTML was invented with the web over more than 2 decades ago and has gone through many updates but it’s been more than a decade since the last one (HTML4 was published in January 26, 2000) and pondering it in web terms it is pretty much forever. So thinking about it HTML has been a little bit of backbencher when it comes up for change on the web for quite some time. For example when video came along there was no way to integrate it naturally into HTML. So different companies generated their own video players in order to work around it some common examples are Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, and Flash etc. Now talking about these companies-self developed players which worked fine but they were all external plugins which spills the fact that you have to download them but this procedure was sort of irksome as well as potentially risky. Whereas HTML 5 is adding compatibilities to handle stuff like video by writing it right into its code such that plugins hopefully won’t be necessary. Moreover now there are plans to add a stack of more cool stuff that previously was precarious, tricky and even unimaginable to implement with HTML alone alike audio, video, vector graphics and animation, drag and drop, editable web-page content, storage within the browser and beyond this much more geeky stuff.


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