Google Adsense Account Approval FAQs

Every buying decision starts with some questions and materialized when you get the answers. We have collected some real time questions asked by end users and which are answered by our team members.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is Google ads program that allows website owners and bloggerss to easily monetize their contents by placing Google ads on their web pages. It enables website owners & bloggers to earn money whenever blog/site visitors visit such pages with Google ads and click on them to find out more about the ads.

What is the difference between hosted and non-hosted adsense account?

The hosted Adsense account is the Adsense account that allows publishers to serve Google ads on only Google hosted domains or Google partner platforms like on blogspot blog, YouTube etc, as against your custom domains like .com, .net, .info etc.

The non-hosted Adsense account is the account that allow publisher to monetize their webpage contents with Google ads on any Adsense policy compliant platform you can think of including but not limited to your own custom domains, forum webpages etc.

Do you make hosted accounts or non hosted adsense accounts?

We create non hosted adsense accounts that allow website owners to monetize their webpage content with Google ads.

Do you make (update) Hosted adsense account to Non-Hosted Adsense Account?

Currently we are not upgrading hosted adsense accounts to non-hosted adsense accounts

What info do i need to provide to get adsense account approval?

New Gmail account / phone number used for that gamil account verification / first name and last name (must be same in your bank account) / complete postal address

Can i use the same phone number / address if i was already banned from Adsense?

No. But you can use the same name if everything else is different.

Can i use a fake postal address?

No. Because Google will send you a PIN code in a letter when you earn your first $10

How much time is required for approval?

It is 24 hours for pre-approved accounts and can stretch 1 to 2 weeks depending on various conditions. Account will be fully approved via two step verification of Google Adsense.

Is there any guarantee?

We create your account first and then ask for payment. Somehow If we fail in getting your fully approved adsense account then we won't ask for any payment. After selling your account if you have any issue or doubt regarding our service then we will provide full support to you.

Does Website Hosting and Domain Name included in this service?

Website hosting and domain name is not complementary with our adsense account approval service. But if you want to register your domain and purchase web hosting then we also provide hosting and domain but separate from Adsense service.

 Google Adsense Account Application Form.

I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions for fair usage.

Did Google ban you from Adsense?

Did you apply for Google Adsense and got rejected Or if your Google Adsense account is disabled or banned because of any reason. We have a solution. We will create a non-hosted approved adsense account for you, You need to provide your payee info and let us do the rest for you.