Frequently Asked Question

Every buying decision starts with some questions and materialized when you get the answers. We have collected some real time questions asked by end users and which are answered by our team members.

What is Submitor?

Submitor is a Digital Marketing Tool that gives you an opportunity to promote your website & blog on your own. You can promote your services on social media, yellow pages, classifieds, blogs & search engines in a single click

Website submission & promotion to how many search engines & directories?

We belive in quality not in quantity. We have thousands of search engines & directories URL in our database but the quality output comes from few hundreds only. you can count the exact numbers in your weekly reports.

Note : We do offer white lable solutions & Developer API. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

I'm a website desginer / SEO Professinal / Website owner / freelancer, how do I get the benefit from this service?

Submitor is an advance level Digital Marketing Platform that supports white label feature. we Can provide customised reports with your own logo and identity. And most importantly, it makes your Promotional work easy in your budget price.

How much does it cost?
Submitor services price starts from $ 29.95 (Limited Period Offer). You can pay it online via debit cards/credit cards or Paypal as per your convenience.

I have more than one website/blog to promote. How many Website URL is allowed to submit/promote if i buy your service?

You are allowed to submit/promote your one website/blog URL. If you wish to submit/promote more than one Website URL, you need to buy an additional service for each additional website URL.

How frequent website/blog URL is allowed to submit?

once in a month is a good practice. Multiple submissions of the same Website URL to some search engines & directories considered as spamming and therefore may ban your website URL from being listed.

Importance of keywords & Meta-tags in website/blog promotion ?

Keywords & Meta-tags affects website ranking in search engines. We do 'free website analysis' before submission and keep you informed about your analysis report. If you wish to make them corrected, we can do it on your behlaf in a little fee.

Can you guarantee anything?

It would be unethical to guarantee search engine results because of some uncontrollable variables. However, we give an assurance of daily visitors to your website/blog and employ the best ethical practices to put your website/blog in search engines results.

What level of Support we can expect from you?

Depending on Urgency and complexity of query, we are always there to help you out 24 X 7. You can reach us by Mail / Phone / Fax as per your convenience and comfort. And most importantly we train and guide you step by step on how to submit/promote your website/blog URL on your own.

There are so many other websites providing Submission/promotion Services. Why should I buy from you?

1. Multi Channel Submission & Promotion of your website on social media, yellow pages, Classifieds, blogs & Search engines.

2. Assured listing of your website in Search Engines & Directories. Social media analysis with Articles and blogs submission.

3. 500+ unique daily visitors count on your website from specific country or geolocalization along with content submission.

And most importantly, we provide you the infographics reports that give you an advantage to track your website/blog promotion on your own. Infographics report is a new technology invented & used by first time in the world. bottom line

There are thousands of web sites and mobile applications built every day. The competition is going tough day by day for any web site or mobile application to get listed on Search Engines. Share your websites & mobiles app articles on to promote yourself.