Chapter : 6

Embedded Links

The word embedded means to attach or fix something into something else. Typically embedded link is the practice of attaching links within a website that will allow any user to reach the content of that attached link. This practice has couple of good advantages when it comes to get hold of your visitor at your website. One of its basic features is that it increases the probability of possible interaction with the user. It also helps in retention since the customer urges to come over and over again to the website.

Embedded links allows a user to have access to all kinds of content at one spot without ever detaching itself from the website.Embedded links thus bridges the gap between user and website by increasing the time of engagement between the two by involving with the customer providing it more content. An embedded link on your website is a gateway to another source of information while positioning itself on a different webpage. It allows a website to present to the audience access to information present somewhere else on the web. It facilitates user with a one-click away content destination opportunity.


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