Chapter : 5

Data Synchronization

Back in 1990s data synchronization became a hot topic when devices like the ipod came out in the market and people want to sync their data on their peripheral devices. The basic definition of data synchronization is the procedure of initiating uniformity amid the data from the point of its source and to the point where it gets stored and contrariwise. It is the total act of maintain harmony within the data matter over time and how it can be kept away from being fractured after it gets moved or sync. This notion is certainly rudimentary and foundational to a wide conglomeration of mobile applications, also to mobile device synchronisation and file synchronization.


The first type we’ll talk about is Synchronous Peer to Peer solution (simply P2P technology) which for example uses iPod and is an interesting solution. Back in the days it was used with a Firewire cable and nowadays with a USB cable but it’s still used today with iTunes, iPod or iPhone via WiFi synchronization and is still synchronous P2P approach. Even today it is the most simplest and robust of all approaches since it works in an easy way by joining two devices with cable for example or a local available network is used for the process. Using a cable or a local available network are both swift and speedy measures and centrally the whole data is copied over the second device. Whenever a change occurs like if new music files are available on your MAC which is needed to get synced on iPod they will be flagged as new since the last change. The whole synchronization process still copies the entire dataset and then looks at those new flagged files/documents that are changed and will stars them on the local device that needs to be synced. It is a technology planned out to sync a particular set of data between two devices and thus propagating further changes along the line.



This is one of the most fervent attribute provided by the one page app technology. All its strength is dependent on its ability to work out a live content update. It strengthens the functioning of any application altogether. It is a positive factor where any change can be dealt with carefully. It gives a distinctive power in the hands of people to make changes to the content on the spot with utmost preciseness. This attribute has a great impact on the entire structure of content distribution and how it is received by people who use your application.


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