Will a conversation be as authentic on a common platform

by Umesh Chandra
Posted on Tuesday 26th April 2016 at 8:30 am

Will a conversation be as authentic on a common platform like watsapp or a cloud messenger which deals only with your company its employees and clients? Giving authenticity is highly profitable in terms of recording important talks and ideas on companies own space. This is also useful in providing a much secured room for company’s confidential matters to take place with all vigilance. A company using cloud messenger plays a professional role in terms of giving legitimacy to the messenger and the each conversation that takes place within that space. You as a company can provide responsible clients or those who deals with customer relations so that when it comes to forwarding a query to any senior and getting back the answer cloud messenger plays a beneficial role. With such practices the data of the entire professional conversation taking places each day will be recorded and stored such that if any tem head or senior wants to check the progress of campaign it can be done by investigating that stored data.

Use of cloud messenger is greatly seen in its dynamics in the CRM (customer relation management) department of any company. Here in this department there are employees who perform the role of callers and have direct one-to-one conversation with the customer. Integrating cloud messenger with the CRM department is very fruitful in many ways and has great advantages. One of the most essential advantage is the “Intercommunication data compilation” which is processed through this platform and conversations maintained within the messenger.

It also makes sharing data much easier, with all authenticity and policy in favour of the company. Cloud messenger is a module which is so flexible that it has the ability to become part of any organisation no matter of what background or of any size small or big. It can even be implemented on a smaller scale even in schools or colleges for teachers to interact with principal, students as well as their parents. It is just like nowadays you see a flood of websites and every kind of organisation owns one on which it provide information to the website users and general visitor. In the same way cloud messenger is the future technology tool in terms of interacting with the user one-to one. It is not mere idea but a running reality our job is to advise you and show the worth of technology.



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