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by Sanjeev
Posted on Saturday 28th May 2016 at 11:00 am

Google AdSense is a professional way to earn money. Its been trusted by millions of users for last one decade and is continuously evolving for a better user experience.

Google AdSense program started way back in June 18, 2003 and has grown to a level of more then 2 million publishers round the world who have earned more than $7 billion in a year. Now you can get your AdSense payments directly in your bank account via Electronic Fund Transfer.

Statistics shows that Google approves only few ten applications out of thousands of daily requests. Generally users get the following mail when their application got rejected:

"Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into AdSense at this time."

Some common reasons of applications got rejected are:

1. Website/blog does not comply with Google or Google AdSense policies (TOS)
2. Website/blog age is less then 6 months old
3. And most of the time because of lesser quality content and traffic

If you wish to get Google AdSense account or your application has been rejected earlier then this article could be of great use to you. Here you can find some easy guidelines that we have collected from our experience and these guidelines surely help you to approve your AdSense account. One line that we repeat again and again in our article is that you must comply with Google AdSense policies and try to avoid any short cuts because Google technical guys are smart enough to catch your gimmicks.

Quality and Quantity of content

Why someone should visit your website/blog. If you have the honest answer of this question, you know the importance of quality content. Your website should provide a significant value to the end users and should give them a reason to visit your website.
Your website should have at least 30 pages of static/dynamic content and while talking about blogs & articles, you must have at least 30 to 40 articles. Having a quality content is always on top priority but having a minimum number of pages shows that you have enough content and a visitor might come to your website again and again. If you would have the enough content on your website/blog, there would be lesser chance that Google reject your application on the basis of insufficient content.

Prohibited content

If you want to make sure that your website/blog is not violating Google AdSense policies, then you must have to cross check the following list. Click here to have a detail explanation on Google AdSense policies. (

Adult content
Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization
Copyrighted material
Recreational drugs and drug-related content
Alcohol and tobacco-related content
Healthcare-related content
Hacking and cracking content
Sites that offer compensation programs ("pay-to" sites)
Sites that use Google Brand features
Violent content
Weapon-related content
Content that enables dishonest behavior
Illegal content

Easy navigation

Easy navigation system helps user to retrieve the information from website/blog easily. Google AdSense program take this aspect on a very sincere note. You must have to integrate Google AdSense ads in your website in a manner so that it wont confuse the end-user in-between the website content and AdSense Ads. Google AdSense works on the basis of 'context'. It creates an important aspect of how and where Google AdSense Ads would appear on your website/blog

Clean and easy to navigate website design are always user friendly and content is easily accessible without confusing end users. If your website layout/color/theme get mixed with Google AdSense Ads, Google might get blocked your AdSense account on the basis of confusion creation and complex navigation. So the point to note here is that your website must have easy navigation system and there should not be any confusion in identifying your website /blog content and AdSense ads

Note: now a days Responsive websites/blogs are very common in use. The best advantage of responsive design is that it is optimized for mobile phones. And because of increasing trends to open websites/blogs on mobile phones, it is always beneficial to use responsive design/layout for your website/blog.

Non Google Ads

There is no official restriction from Google AdSense program to display third party ads (non Google Ads) on the same page where Google Ads have been displayed. However it is not advisable to clubbed third party ads along with Google AdSense program on the same page. It makes an impression that your website is designed to get ads only and content is on second priority. Once Google technical team got this feeling while reviewing your AdSense Application that content is on second priority on your website/blog, chances becomes less to get approve your AdSense application.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics code is a medium to track your visitors on your website. If you integrate Google Analytics code on your website, it gives a message that you are very much sincere towards your website statistics and you have confidence on Google to track down your visitors. You can place this analytics code on each and every page of your website especially home page (landing page of your website/blog) to track the actual number of visitors on your website. Click here to register with Google Analytics code (

WebSite Indexing (XML site map)

XML site map helps Search Engines to index your website in their listings. XML site map is a standard method used by almost every search engines bots to collect the information about website/blog. It is very easy to create site map and you can get it done by your own.

Click here to create XML site map (
Note: Like XML site map, Robots.txt file is also helpful for search engines to index your website in their listings. The basic purpose of Robots.txt file is to filter out the junk data from indexing. It saves Search Engines resources and increases the credibility of your website/blog.

Privacy policy

A majority of website owners seldom think about to write content on their Privacy policy / Disclaimer and Terms of use. This is very important piece of data that shows how you deal with your end users. Apart from, About us and contact us pages are equally important that reveals your identity, who you are, what is the purpose of your website and where you are located. The more information you reveal about yourself, the more trust factor you build for your visitors. The same thing happened for Google AdSense technical team also. When they visited your website and get the complete information about yourself, more chances are there to get approve your AdSense account.

No spamming please

You must have to tackle this Spamming issue very sincerely. Keep your website/blog away from any spamming activity. If you purchase any traffic for your website, it would momentarily increase your website visitors but the chances are your AdSense account get suspended for spamming. The same thing applies for email marketing & social media marketing. There are so many genuine ways to increase the website traffic like SEO that enhance your organic search on search engines like Google. You can also do paid promotion on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to promote your website/blog. also gives you a platform to list your article free of cost and you can share your post among your friends and rest of the world.

Website/blog language

While writing this article on Google AdSense program, this question came across that is there any objection on particular language or is there any added advantage for a special language. We have searched a lot and came on to the conclusion that your website/blog must be in the Google AdSense supported language only.

Click here to know Google AdSense Supported language (

And most importantly consistent Traffic

It is quite obvious thing that if your website/blog is not having much traffic/visitors then why would anybody be interested to place ads on your website. If your website/blog is not getting 40 unique visitors per day, it is strongly advisable to have patience by the time you have 50+ visitors per day at least. Some times website owners buy junk traffic for their websites/blogs to improve their number of visitors. We have made a depiction again and again that it is of no use as it is not a consistent traffic. You must have to update your website/blog content regularly, post some attractive stories and most import thing is, go consistently.
Click here to see Google AdSense TOC (

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