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by Raman
Posted on Tuesday 31st May 2016 at 11:00 am

Since at this juncture we all are familiar with the developing technology of mobile app, One page app as a one conceptual term is not only riveting but as a new notion it is worthy of admiration. One page mobile app as a nascent term germinates into existence from the endeavor to provide the general user of smart phone a definite platform to build and promote their self-made application. It can be labeled as the melting pot of various unique promotional tools. So behind the conception of "one page mobile app" resides the idea of allowing people more independence with the technology they use by giving them opportunity to learn how to build their own app. It gives you the freedom to build and promote your app on your own. You can also integrate your existing website in this one page mobile app and make your mobile web application ready.

What is One Page App?

One page app is a cloud based self-service. It means that there would be a common installer build file that you would need to install in order to run your one page app. It allows you the freedom to create a mobile app on your own. One page app has the ability to permit you to publish your dynamic one page content within it. It provides you with a content editor tool so that it becomes easier to manage your mobile application. Another feature that you obtain with it is the capability to endorse your own services and promote through it.

Boost your traffic via App

This is in fact a staunch reality that Multimedia phone technology and its market is rapidly growing and is almost incessant in its expansion. Mobile phone has become a multi-functional weapon in the hands of people from different walks of life, age gender etc. The most significant impact it perpetrates is on the youthful section of every society scattered around the globe, so much that on an average every individual spend couple of hours a day on phone.

Due to its widely flaming popularity mobile phone has undoubtedly become a significant topic of discussion among people and has taken a shape of an inseparable entity in people's life per se such that to imagine a day without it is inconceivable for them. This attraction between general public and smart phone has deeply affected the business making it exceedingly competition prone. Every single associated firm wants to cater modern world's demand of linking more advance technology to the mobile device with a purpose of leaving their own imprint, which is less hackneyed and more unusual. If you have not yet integrated your business with mobile platform sorry to say your techniques are as old as hills. In the present world smart phone has an entire spectrum of features that it offers in the form of multifaceted app which facilitates in making life easier and comfortable, mobile phone do hold in its entirety a vast paradigm of scope and endless possibilities which had consequently led to the birth of concept such as "One Page App"

SEO SMO vs Mobile App

Some of the most common activities are SEO, SMO, CRO, SMM, paid promotion, pay-per click so on; these are conventional channels, which are used most frequently now. In contrast with the above-mentioned channels our new product "one page mobile app" is altogether a different kettle of fish. But with the passage of time it will not be wrong to call the conventional channels "banal" since every single firm is taking refuge in their supervision. Though our goal here is not meant to criticize old-trite ways of optimization without giving an alternative way out but by presenting "One page app" we hereby recognize the rise of a new era, which sought to give freedom to its customer.
The initial phase of mobile development technology made the device capable of having features like music, taking pictures, phone calls, storing messages/contact details in short the entire old-school feature phone but the turning point is the age of app-generation. Smart phone in today's world have revolutionized in all its extent the way we interact with the digital world and how much we delve deep into its space.

Today we have app for almost everything such that communication has a multi-layered meaning as well as ways of doing it. Every single day thousands of mobile applications and websites are created around the world which eventually heats-up the fierce competition of visibility, searching for an accurate website on internet that suits your purpose seems more like a task of searching needle from a pile of hay. Thus for the scheme of eradicating different types of issues which are problems that stops your website/application to reach vibrantly to the audience several agencies perform as an advisor in teaching you ways to improve your blurred existence on the digital world.

List of advantages with "One page mobile app"

Every organization no matter how big or small it is do make plans for cost reduction in the present scenario. Since most of the companies and individuals struggle with financial constrain for good amount of reasons and for them "one page app" is like a treasure box. It allows you to build your own one page app; eventually saving your money, time and efforts that will ultimately not go in vain.

1. Gives you an opportunity to reach millions of mobile users.
2. You become a good provider of customer satisfaction experience.
3. 24x7 availability of your services on Mobile App
4. Interactive query handling and feedback mode.
5. Cloud messenger for multiple access among your working staff which improves performance and coordination between different departments.
6. Save your own and customers time and money.
7. It keeps you updated and alert about the business you are making.
8. Keeps you ahead among your competitor because of your direct interaction with the consumer.
9. It's preloaded with content thus no extra struggle is needed in page loading.
10. And most importantly it is available on Google play store and iTunes absolutely free.

Why one page mobile app

If larger portion of your customers are handy with a mobile device then why not incorporate it with your promotional policy or as a new mode of communication. There are several advisory websites online these days which may speak of giving suggestions on promoting your website then why not to step ahead of all your competitors by collaborating with a much advance one page mobile app service with unique endorsing tools.

If spreading globally is the policy of every business unit then why not adopt mobile as a platform, which has become be-all and end-all of people's daily lives. Now the ball is in your court if you have a website for a reason then why not have a mobile app for a better reason and result. If you are cutting cost on expenses and worried about ways of saving resources then it is not the time to sit on the fence instead you must know that one page app is the best thing since sliced bread. Get more out of your business by adopting new techno-ways to reach out to the masses.

Besides website which is a conventional mode of communication but mobile application has curtailed the time consumed by manual labour while surfing from site-to-site. It's a kind of a boon to make your services available to your potential clients and customers on their mobiles 24x7x365. Mobile apps help in optimizing your business activities and in creating a strong brand image. They are competent in raising customers support up to 100%. This small conversion make a huge difference in saving money and time in the most effective way possible. One page mobile app can be used by college students, job seekers, working professional to use if for promoting their resume online, whereas in small or massive organization it can be used by business owner or entrepreneur for promoting their company's product and services.

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