App Store Optimization

by Rusi
Posted on Thursday 21st April 2016 at 11:14 am

App store optimization is very parallel to SEO (search engine optimization) about which most of us are quite familiar now. Like SEO deals with how to drive traffic from Google search while ASO is about how to get traffic from mobile app store search. So just like any other search engine app store want engagement and they track. There are reviews for apps, the frequency of reviews and the quality of reviews. So obviously itís the analysis of when people are downloading your app, are they keeping your app or deleting it or how long are they engaging with it. It has to deal with all sorts of questions like are the opening your app and if yes how many times a day, further how long is their involvement with your app. Hence it is app about optimizing your search results at app store and positioning yourself above your competitors on user made search. Itís important that you work on providing good downloads to the user.

The first thing people see is your icon which represents you and your product so to get it attractive is mostly successful. Icon have to be something catchy or inviting and not busy with too much details but beautiful for it is important stand out in comparison with other apps around you in the market. This tends to have an enormous amount of impact on the download which instantly increases thus rapidly increasing the user engagement.

There is also the concept of largely using the right keywords, titles and description to get better search results in your favour. Now discussing about the basic app description so in this you should have things that makes you look authoritative and help you to stand out from the crowd. Things that will make you look authoritative and which will immediately catch the eyes of a customer are that you should put down a headline announcing your number of total downloads and how much people love you application. Other important additions are like adding a link to your privacy policy and also give a support email. It is highly important to remember that giving a support email also prevent you from having some of the bad reviews.

Since on an average scale users have too much to say and this testifies the importance of an app review section in the app store for every single featured app. These might sound like big hurdles as an app developer standing in your way to earn the top positions but with good decisions and ASO you can clearly overcome all of them. Eventually all these little nuances should be dealt with since itís not that your app is going to rank in a vacuum so all these optimizing schemes need to work together. Since not everyone who comes at the landing page of your press the download button. So your app store listing should be awesome it boast of the ability to convince a higher rate of people who come at your landing page it simultaneously sends signals to the app store of your potential. So finally it is about wrestling with perfection.


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