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by Anonymous
Posted on Monday 30th May 2016 at 10:00 am

Create a good responsive website is not a big deal now a days. There are so many automated tools are available in the market by virtue of which a non-technical person can also create a website by own. The struggle starts the moment when you finish up with your website design & development work and your website/blog gets launched. Broadly, the website traffic comes from the following channels:

1. Direct traffic, your known ones like friends, colleagues, relatives etc.
2. Organic traffic, that comes from Google search results
3. Referral traffic that comes form back links, directory submissions etc
4. Paid traffic that comes when you advertise your website on different media
5. Social media marketing that comes from your social media networks like FaceBook etc

There are hundred millions of websites/blogs already exists and several others have been created each day. This article is focused on how you can increase the traffic of your website/blog on your own by taking some simple steps. Lets go through with the following tips and you will realize that it is really easy to boost the traffic of your website on your own.

Content is the King

There is no doubt in this saying that content is the king. It is your website content that draws the attention of visitors. But sometimes a smart approach can act as a catalyst to increase the traffic of your website. For example, there are two way to write the content for your website. One way is just write the content without having any marketing strategy upfront. And the other way is to write SEO friendly content.

There is no addition effort in writing SEO friendly content; we just need to focus to embed the proper keywords & phrases in our writing. It will save our future efforts and resources.

Updated or Outdated

Give a reason to your visitors to come back to your website again and again. If you do not update your website/blog content at frequent intervals then there is no reason why the visitors come back to your website. There is no point in that a regular visitor of your website would be interested to read your old content repeatedly. So lets find some time to update the content of your website.

One page SEO

While talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the very first thought came in our mind that it is a technical area. It is not 100% true. That was a time when doing SEO was a purely technical job. Now there are so many online tools are available that make SEO job very easy. You can analyze your website online to know the areas where you need the improvement.
Click here to analyze your website online (give here the link of our submission page)

Comments on other posts

It's a good idea that costs you nothing. There are thousands of Articles/blogs where anybody can leave their comments. You can search the articles/blogs of your interest and leave the reply on their posts with an identity of your website/blog form where you come from. This action helps you to promote your website/blog indirectly.

Article Submissions

Article submission is a good approach to spread your content on others websites. It opens up a new channel from where visitors can come to your website/blog. There are many Article submission websites available on Internet, some of them are paid and some websites allowed you to submit your article without taking any charge.

Note: You can submit your article on to promote your website/blog

Offer something on your website

It is a kind of return gift to the visitor of your website. When somebody come to your website, you can offer something to them. For example, you can offer a free newsletter subscription, a free eBook of your services, discount coupons or something else that you can afford.

Social Media Marketing

Everybody knows the power of chain reaction (Nuclear Bomb is the known example of chain reaction to all of us). Social Media has the same power of chain reaction because of its exponential networking. What we want to rationalize here is that you must update your social media presence regularly. Facebook, twitter, linkedin gives you a wonderful opportunity to do the same.

No harm in Paid advertising

Paid advertising can bring the instant traffic to your website. But the thing that does matter which way you chooses to get the traffic. We always suggest you to go to the paid advertising of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. The other best option is to go for paid advertising of Facebook, twitter, linkedin or some other social media websites.

Search Engines & Directory Submission

Search engines submission helps you to submit/add your website URL in search engines. It's a standard method that lets search engines to crawl your website to index your website/blog pages in their search results. The same way Directory submission works.

Note: you can submit your website to search engines & directories at

Switch your website into mobile app

There are many ready-made tools are available on Internet that helps you to build your mobile app on your own. One page app is a cloud based self-service. It gives you the freedom to create a mobile app on your own. One page app has the ability to publish your dynamic content within One Page. It provides you a content editor tool so that it becomes easier to manage your mobile application. You can share and track your social media presence. And most importantly, you can integrate your web sites, e-stores & web links with in your One Page Mobile App.

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Categories bottom line

There are thousands of web sites and mobile applications built every day. The competition is going tough day by day for any web site or mobile application to get listed on Search Engines. Share your websites & mobiles app articles on to promote yourself.