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by Sonu Arora
Posted on Monday 30th May 2016 at 4:00 pm

DMOZ is a multilingual open directory also known as open directory project (ODP). DMOZ project started in 1998 by Rich Skrenta and Bob Truel. It is owned by AOL and maintained by the community of volunteer editors.

Old Days story to know about DMOZ

That was 90's era when Yahoo was on the top of the Search Engines. Adding website to search engines was not so easy that now a days it becomes. Another reason that act as a catalyst in the formation of DMOZ was yahoo paid service that yahoo started to add websites in their search engine for timely consideration of site submissions.

DMOZ has formed as an open directory project that time where you could add your website without paying any fee. Many other open directory projects started up that time but some of them followed 'no free submission' policy. Whereas DMOZ has followed its policy of 'free website submission' for all types of websites. And it became a line of difference that made the DMOZ the highly reputed Search Directory of its time.

Waiting period is high to get listed

DMOZ maintained by the community of volunteer editors and each website which is submitted at DMOZ analyzed manually before getting listed. DMOZ free submission policy and its manual way of processing made a long queue of website submission approvals. There is always enormous number of submissions that waiting for editors review. The average processing time for a website submission has increased by each passing year.

No body can predict that website submission might get approved with in hours, days or might take years to get listed. The waiting period is so high that sometimes webmasters loose their patience for their websites to get listed in DMOZ. Volunteer editors have no obligations to check for each and every new website submissions. Website suggestions are one of the may sources by virtue of which new website get listed in DMOZ.

Still thinking why to submit your website to DMOZ?

DMOZ has its own goodwill and reputation. Getting listed in DMOZ directory means your website share the goodwill and reputation of DMOZ. As we have written in above paragraphs that it is not easy for each and every website to get listed in DMOZ. There are so many permutations and combinations that you must have to follow to get your website listed in this directory. Some of the guidelines that we have observed in our experience explained below:

1. Fill the right and exact information about your website
2. Select the right niche / right category and right subcategory
3. Suggest URL option comes to fill the website URL

All the websites submitted at DMOZ reviewed by volunteers and editors manually. A moderator has assigned to your website that personally visit your website and give the final review to get your website listed or else. One of the major reason why most of the websites got rejected by DMOZ is, webmasters never submit their websites to the right niche / right category.

And if you are still thinking why to submit your website to DMOZ then you should think up of PR 7 back link from DMOZ will be of great use in many ways.

Steps to submit your website to DMOZ

People who have started their IT career in 90's well known the procedure to submit website in DMOZ. Today's young generation might take it as legacy processes that are the first comers to the DMOZ. We have summarized the entire process in few steps how you can submit your website to DMOZ.

1. Open DMOZ website i.e.
2. Search the category that best suited for your website content/services
3. Select the right niche / right category / right sub-category for your website
4. Suggest URL option comes
5. Fill your website URL and all the desired information accurately.

That's it. Yes, it's done. A moderator will be assigned to your website who will personally visit your website and based on the information you have provided, take the decision of your website listing at DMOZ.

Note: Suggest URL option might not be present in some categories, so don't get confused.
It is manually operated (moderator/volunteer/editor), so it takes time to get listed with DMOZ.
And most importantly, don't loose your patience while working with DMOZ

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Categories bottom line

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