Chapter : 7

App Sharing Widget

Mobile applications are deeply integral part of our life today. The power of web cannot be denied but to make a comparison between mobile and web today strictly support mobile and also suggests it supremacy in the time to come. It is sure that its fame is not going to wade away too soon. We carry mobile device everywhere we go it has become a companion to us and which is why different companies are designing various applications that may support us in every possible way.

We are inclining towards mobile applications undeniable and this interaction is becoming un-breach-able. It has so become that these days anyone can create their own app for multiple purpose. A college student can make an app on their project or thesis and share it around among fellow, students, professor or teachers. So this is what we are trying to deliver you at one page app it is a fine idea you can share it among friends.

App sharing widget has an enormous possibility and strength as a great feature to acquire quick fame. The more we are becoming close and handy with mobile applications each and every day the more we are growing desirous of engaging ourselves for customising one for oneself. It is not that it the easiest task on earth to create an app but yes it is right now most popular. Slowly and steadily and a bit swiftly we are growing more dependable on it and in this process we are able to acquire more knowledge about it. In this way making an app and to learn it no more remains a boring task. If you are able to create your own app you have the opportunity to share it and spread it. As an owner and app developer you get all the powers to share it with app sharing widget.


What does sharing means to us, why it is understood as an important thing to know and how it can effect and influence the web ecosystem of which we are an integral part? Let us first find answers to these questions on the issue of sharing and then jump to the conclusion of how and on what grounds our app sharing widget stands in the whole debate.What is the reason that people share things either content or an app at all? Looking at this question will only make us think about it on easy terms but slowly we will recognise that understanding it has many levels to it especially on psychological grounds. Although in the process of answering this query one would definitely encounter the amount of worth for your business and the target audience. However there tends to be some similarities when it comes to the things which prompt people to share anything let it be content or an app online.


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